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How To Shop : tries to present a pleasant shopping experience for you. To shop on our website, these simple steps:

  1. To find a product you want to buy, you can use the existing CATEGORIES menu on the right side of the screen, or to simply use the SEARCH facility.
  2. In the SEARCH box you can type: book title, author, publisher, or for non-book products can put a product or type of product (for example: guitar).
  3. If you've found the desired product, click on the picture and if you are sure will buy, fill the quantity and click the "Add to Cart".
  4. Do the same for other products to be purchased.
  5. You can view your shopping cart by clicking on the image button on the right of the screen basket.
  6. If you are finished shopping, click the "Continue to Checkout".
  7. You will be asked to confirm the shipping address. Make sure that your shipping address is correct.
  8. Here you will be informed about the delivery and shipping cost
  9. Select a payment method.
  10. Check back your order, if it is correct click the "PLACE ORDER"
  11. If your payment method is bank transfer, immediately do the transfer. MNC Publishing will only process your order after payment in full.

Welcome to the website of Site ("Site") is an online shopping site that is owned and managed by CV. Media Nusa Creative ("MNC") located in the MNC Head Office -Malang, Indonesia.
If you use a service then you have understood and agreed to all the "Terms and Conditions of Use" written below. If you do not agree, please do not use this service.
General Conditions

  1. MNC Publishing reserves the right to change, add or the remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes will be uploaded to the site without notice. It is therefore important for the user to check the Terms and Conditions regularly for MNC Publishing will impose terms and conditions contained in the final version of the site.
  2. If users continue to use the site's services after the change, then it means that the user has agreed to such changes.
  3. MNC Publishing does not bear any losses suffered by the user as a result of changes to the Terms and Conditions.

Terms of use

  1. At least 15 years of age or gets assistance of parents / legal guardians when using the service "website".
  2. Users are individuals or organizations that have a legal identity as Student Card / Identity Card / Passport or permit legitimate organization.
  3. Users are required to have an email account.
  4. User agrees to use the service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions as well as other procedures that accompany if any and uploaded to the "site".
  5. Users are responsible for your account and password and frees his of risk for misuse of user accounts.
  6. Users are required to provide the correct data if needed (for example: name, phone number, shipping address and post code).

Scope The Services

  1. is an online shopping service website where users can buy products online.
  2. MNC Publishing will not guarantee 100% availability of the products shown in the "site".
  3. Prices are shown in the "website" to change without notice and users are deemed to consent.
  4. Users bear the shipping costs unless there is a promotional program organized by MNC Publishing and the information shown on the "site".
  5. MNC Publishing will only process orders if the user has been paid in full.
  6. MNC Publishing cooperate with third parties in the provision of means of payment (payment gateway). The user selects one payment method for each transaction. MNC Publishing is not responsible for the success or failure of payment. The responsibility for payment service providers and the users themselves.

Cancellation of Orders
MNC Publishing has the right to cancel the order if one or more of the following conditions occur:

  1. No repayment of within 48 hours after the order is made on the "site".
  2. Notice "Payment Declined" of debit card or credit card that is used by users to transact.
  3. The delivery address is not clear or is not covered by the shipping service.
  4. The number of orders that exceed the availability of products.
  5. The data provided the user is fake data.
  6. Users are not private or organization that has a legal identity.

Assessment Product ("Product Review")

  1. Users have the opportunity to provide an assessment of the product ("Product Review").
  2. MNC Publishing has the right to display, no display, edit, mitigate, or in addition to the user-submitted product ratings.
  3. In giving judgment, users may not post content that contains:
    1. Slander against a person or institution and/or company
    2. Provocation or instigation to commit unlawful acts.
    3. Publish anything for personal gain.
    4. Discrimination of race, religion or race of (SARA).
    5. Pornography, humiliation and the things that are contrary to manners.
    6. Links to other sites.
    7. Malicious program or script.
  4. MNC Publishing account can deactivate users who crash the foregoing.
  5. MNC Publishing can use the product assessment given by the user without user notification.
  6. Users can not sue MNC Publishing to provide compensation or reward (reward) of any kind on the use of paper products are made in the assessment.

Intellectual Property Rights
All of the content contained in the "website": promotion, template, design, including but not limited to photographs, images, music, sound, review and text are copyright protected Act.
Settlement of Disputes

  1. MNC Publishing is committed to providing the best service to users.
  2. In case of dissatisfaction, users can file a complaint through:
    1. Email:
    2. Phone Number: (0341) – 563149 / +62 8223 2121 888
    3. PIN : 52585e53
  3. If after completion pursued by consensus does not work then the user agrees to settle legally through the Malang District Court.
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